Winter Margarita

Winter Margarita is a warm, cosy cocktail. It combines tequila, triple sec, and orange liqueur with hot apple cider for a festive winter drink. The warmth of the cider balances the zing of the citrus and alcohol.  

Curl up by the fire with a Winter Margarita in hand. Its hot apple cider base will warm you from the inside out on even the coldest of nights. Spiced with orange and a hint of tequila, this cocktail brings summer flavours to winter.

For optimal warming benefits, serve the Winter Margarita hot, topped with a cinnamon stick or orange slice. Adjust the spirits amounts based on your desired strength. It’s a delightful winter beverage enjoyed seasonally at parties, by the fireside, or after enjoying winter sports. The apple cider masks the alcohol for gradual sipping enjoyment.

Overview Of Winter Margarita

The Winter Margarita lightens up the classic cocktail with a twist perfectly suited for cosy winter nights. Where orange liqueur takes the place of triple sec, infusing each sip with a bright citrus flavour.

Mint is added to the blend, its crisp notes cutting through the cold and complementing the orange’s sunny warmth. A refreshing riff on the margarita that calls for curling up near the fireplace rather than a sunny patio. This seasonal spin inspires toasting marshmallows by the fire with its unique warming blend.

Step By Step Guide For Winter Margarita

  • Rim a rocks glass with a combination of salt and sugar. Doing so adds texture to each sip of the finished cocktail. Once prepared, set the glass aside. 
  • In a mixing glass filled with ice, combine 1 1/2 ounces of tequila, 3/4 ounce of orange liqueur, and 1/2 ounce of fresh lime juice. Give it a good stir until well-chilled and combined. The lime cuts the sweetness of the other ingredients.
  • Once the liquid mixture is chilled, pour it into the prepared rocks glass. Garnish with a mint sprig. Take a sip and enjoy the warm, citrusy flavours of winter blended perfectly in this refreshing take on the classic margarita.

Why Is This Called Winter Margarita?

Why Is This Called Winter Margarita?

The Winter part of its name comes from the seasonal inspiration behind its unique blend. Where a regular margarita is best for sunny days, this version swaps ingredients to make it cosy and soothing for the colder months. The orange liqueur and mint create relaxful flavours that embody the comforts of winter.

Being sipped next to a fire gives it that wintry vibe far more than sitting outside in the heat. This margarita perfectly captures the essence of winter in a glass with its warming, citrus- forward profile. The name fittingly describes the chilled cocktail that brings the spirit of the season to every thoughtful sip.

How To Make A Winter Margarita?


  • 1.5 oz tequila
  • 0.75 oz orange liqueur
  • 0.5 oz fresh lime juice
  • Mint leaves
  • Salt and sugar (for rimming)


  1. Rim a rocks glass with a mixture of salt and sugar by running a wedge of lime around the lip of the glass and dipping it into the salt-sugar mix.
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice.
  3. Seal the shaker and vigorously shake for 10-15 seconds to combine and chill the ingredients.
  4. Pour the shaken liquid into the prepared salt-rimmed rocks glass.
  5. Garnish by adding 3-4 fresh mint leaves to the top of the drink.
  6. Give the drink a final stir with the mint leaves and serve chilled. Enjoy!

Can I Add Triple Sec Or Cointreau To The Margarita?

Can I Add Triple Sec Or Cointreau To The Margarita?

While the classic Winter Margarita calls for orange liqueur alone, some prefer adding it to Triple Sec or Cointreau for extra dimension. A touch of either combines tangy orange with softer notes.

This creates a more complex profile that remains true to the wintry theme. Whether split between the two or choosing just one, their contributions spread warmth from within. The original stands on its own too – simply a matter of personal taste.

Winter Margarita With Reposado Tequila

Reposado tequila gives a Winter Margarita extra depth of flavor from its wood ageing. Its mellow oaky tones pair beautifully with the drink’s citrus brightness. Just a few more months in the barrel yields notes any season would love.

Compared to silver, reposado provides added layers of toasted spice and caramel that become part of the experience. Though more robust, it doesn’t overpower – letting the star ingredients shine while adding gravitas to each sip. For those wanting complexity, this option superbly delivers.

8 Of The Best Margarita Recipes For Winter

With winter’s arrival comes desires for cozy, comforting cocktails. Margaritas often take a backseat to warmer drinks during colder months but a few tweaks create varieties perfect for snuggling up. From tangy pomegranate to sweeter peppermint, the options provide plenty of seasonal spins.

Classics like the Winter Margarita shake things up just right with touches of citrus and mint. But even bolder ideas hit the chilly weather bullseye, whether swapping tequila for whiskey or using unconventional ingredients like cranberry. No matter the recipe, each more than earns a spot around the table through winter wonder.

The Spicy Blood Orange Margarita Recipe

This margarita bursts with the fiery zest of blood oranges, an ideal fruit for winter. Their natural touch of heat pairs brilliantly with tequila’s warmth. Muddled into simple syrup with chilies, the infusion lends lively layers.

Shaken with citrus and poured over fresh-cut oranges, each sip emanates the sultry scents of a Mediterranean grove. Transporting as the flavor, it makes a luxuriant libation to linger over slowly by flickering light. No other cocktail brighter suits long nights by the fireside.

The Coconut Margarita Recipe

The Coconut Margarita Recipe

For a creamier take on the classic, coconut milk adds lushness. Blended into the mix, its tropical notes feel made for escaping winter’s chill. Sipped slowly, it cradles the taste buds in velvety comfort.

A snowy evening needs a sip as soft and cosy as a warm blanket fresh from the dryer. This recipe delivers exactly that in a glass, letting coconut’s sweet charm take centre stage. Every sup brings a moment of sunny leisure, however dark the skies outside might be.

The Winter Margarita Recipe

This cool weather version of the margarita swaps ingredients to embrace winter flavours. Orange liqueur adds bright citrus to counter the season’s shadows while mint freshens like a snow day’s zing.

Sweet yet bracing, each sip cheers as warmly as the fireside. With care taken to chill and balance its elements, drinking one transports to a toasty nook with evergreen-scented breezes teasing in. Simple yet delightful, the Winter Margarita brings patio parties indoors to cosy new heights.

The Tommy’s Margarita Recipe

A mainstay of Mexican restaurants, Tommy’s takes an iconoclastic approach. Foregoing liqueurs, it focuses solely on tequila and citrus for an exceptionally clean profile.

Deceptively stark in its simplicity, this recipe allows natural flavours to shine through unhindered. Lime’s brightness and agave’s complexity dance for pure enjoyment of each other’s company. Light yet full of character, it makes complexity easily accessible all winter through.

Spicy Turmeric Margarita Recipe

Beyond colour, turmeric adds antioxidant power and gentle warmth to this twist. Paired with chilies and lime, its earthy aroma brightens winter nights.

Each relaxed sip nurtures both senses and well-being. A revitalising drink to share as evening falls, lively yet soothing. Golden hues glow against the hearth, a fiery yet fragrant libation bringing seasons together in harmony.

The Smoky Orange And Thyme Margarita Recipe

A whisper of wood smoke subtly enhances orange’s kiss, matched by herbaceous thyme’s support. Together they form nature’s trinity, transporting drinks beyond its glass.

With just a few choice additions, this recipe transforms the classic into something far more evocative and fine. Every flavoursome detail lends nuance and grace, building a vibrant yet soothing start to any winter celebrations around the table. Simplicity rarely felt so symphonic.

The Morning Margarita Recipe

While breakfast and tequila may seem strange bedfellows, the Morning Margarita proves them a match made in relaxation. Agave’s gentle touch adds wakefulness without aggression.

With orange juice’s sunshine and lime’s zest elevating spirits and spirits alike, this recipe redeems mornings for leisure. Sipped slowly on a day off, it turns drowsiness to ease and anticipation of pleasures to come. A new winter ritual is born, embracing day’s first light.

The Spicy Mandarin Margarita Recipe

The Spicy Mandarin Margarita Recipe

Crisp mandarins add citrus charm to each sip of this winter warmer. Paired with chili’s gentle tingle, the fruits bring an Asian bazaar to every taste.

Memories of exotic adventures flavour each sip of this sparkling libation. Transporting yet softly stimulating, it lifts the imbiber above cold and dark with a sunshine spirit. Simplicity takes on spicy intrigue, brightening even the dreariest of nights.

Winter Margarita Cranberry

Cranberry’s tart burst lifts citrus from routine, lending winter’s signature taste. Together they exude the seasonal spirit of celebrations by firelight.

Rosy, bracing yet soothing, each drink transports to snowy festivities. Simple yet festive, this twist on tradition brings those comforts to any evening at home. May long nights pass cosily in its warming company.

Winter Margarita Pitcher

A pitcher promises parties in full swing and good cheer around every corner. This version stirs winter wonders into the festive mix.

SpicedSimple syrup infused with cinnamon’s warmth escorts oranges’ sunshine into the crowd. Together they spread bonhomie to all who chance a sip, elevating simple sodas and spritzers to new heights. Around this bowl, conversation and lights remain merry long into the night.

Warm Winter Margarita

On frigid nights, nothing soothes body and soul like this drink’s honeyed fire. Orange liqueur and chipotle tingle pleasure nerves as tequila’s spirit lifts from within.

Cinnamon-dusted rim in hand, worries melt quicker than snow. Each comforting sip spreads warmth from the inside out. By the glow, conversations flow as freely as mezcal meets mitigated chill—the perfect recipe for cosiness.

Christmas Margarita

What cheers more on Christmas than festive lights and specialty drinks? This recipe shines with cinnamon’s glow and orange’s gleam. 

Nutmeg and lime zest add their own holiday sparkle, a welcome respite from bustle. Sipped among loved ones, each delicious batch brings the merry togetherness of the season to the glass in abundance. Warmth radiates outwards as ingredients inspire, in and out.

Winter Margarita Flavours

Winter Margarita Flavours

Cranberry, peppermint, pumpkin – cold months bring new inspirations to tequila’s vehicle. Each reinvented elixir celebrates the flavorful cheer of its theme.

Now cinnamon warms as mint refreshes, next it’s orange’s glow or maple’s comfort. Winter welcomes experimental libations to toast its wonders, our creativity keeping cocktails as cheery as the hearth’s flames regardless what nature brings outside the door. Variety ensures some recipe will hit the spot, no matter the weather’s spin.


What Makes It Different From A Regular Margarita?

It substitutes orange liqueur for triple sec, giving it a bright citrus twist that’s perfect for winter.

When Is The Best Time For A Winter Margarita?

On a snowy night in front of a roaring fire, its warming flavours match the cosiness of the season.  

Why Add Mint?

The herb adds complexity with its refreshing notes, complementing the orange and cutting through the cold.

Can I Adjust The Recipe?

Feel free to tweak measurements to your taste – a little more tequila for heat or extra mint for flavour are both good options.


The Winter Margarita takes the classic margarita cocktail and reimagines it with flavours suited for cold weather enjoyment. The combo of orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, and mint create a seasonal sipper that alleviates the chill.

Light yet intensely flavoured, it brings the cosiness of winter indoors with its warming and bright blend. Whether by a crackling fire or after a day of snowy play, the Winter Margarita hits the spot perfectly on frigid evenings.

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