Tequila and Coke, a classic combination that pairs the crisp taste of white tequila with the refreshing fizz of Coca-Cola. The contrasting flavors mingle together in an enticing cocktail.

Looking for an easy drink to enjoy on a hot summer day? Tequila and Coke fits the bill – it’s light, refreshing and goes down smoothly. The Coca-Cola balances out the tequila’s kick.

While Tequila and Coke is simple to make, using quality white tequila ensures the drink is balanced and not too sweet. A splash of lime adds brightness. Sipping slowly helps you unwind without dragging down the fun. Before you know it, you’ll be onto your second round of this classic warm weather cooler.

Overview Of The Cocktail Tequila And Coke

This simple south-of-the-border drink blends tequila’s rich agave flavors with the crisp bubbly sweetness of Coca-Cola. While an unexpected combination at first, the vanilla notes in aged tequila meld nicely with the cola’s carbonated sweetness. 

Just add a shot of gold tequila to ice-filled glass and top with fizzy soda for a refreshing cocktail.transporting drinkers to warmer days with every sip of this laidback liquid combination. Enjoy alongside a hot sunset for the perfect mix of fiery spirit and cool refreshment.

What Is Tequila And Coke Called?

What Is Tequila And Coke Called?

Commonly called a Tequila and Coke, this simple mixed drink takes its name from its two primary ingredients – tequila and Coca-Cola. A straightforward name for a straightforward blend.

In some parts of Mexico where this combination originated, it may also be referred to as a Mexican Coke or Mexi-Coke, nodding to its South-of-the-Border roots combining their spirit with the iconic brown soda. Whatever it’s called, it’s a tasty thirst-quencher on a hot afternoon.

What You Need For A Tequila And Coke

Here you need some important ingredients and instructions for making a Tequila and Coke:


  • Silver or gold tequila to your taste
  • Fizzy cola soda, the more bubbles the merrier
  • Ice so your drink stays cool as a summer breeze


Add cubical ice ’til your glass is frosted and chill. Pour in tequila to your preferred amount so it’s not too stiff. Then top with pop ’til it spills over the rim and swirls. Take your first refreshing sip and let the flavours twirl. transporting you to the beachside even when indoors! Just mix, sit back, and imagine warmer days as you enjoy this simple yet vacation-in-a-cup elixir. 

Tequila And Coke Ratio

Most find the sweet spot lies with a 4:1 ratio of cola to tequila. This balances the bubbly sweetness with a mellow warmth from the spirit.

While 4 parts cola to 1 tequila creates the classic mix, feel free to tweak ratios as you prefer. Add an extra splash of spirit for those seeking more of a kick. Whatever ratio floats your boat!

How To Serve Tequila And Coke?

How To Serve Tequila And Coke?
  1. Choose Your Vessel: Will it be a salt-rimmed glass for island escapes? A coconut cup for tropical sips? A mason jar takes you to the night market – the container sets the vibe!
  2. Assemble the Elements: Pour in the silver spirit of agave alongside bubbly cola’s sweet notes. Add icy pebbles for slow sipping pleasure on a hot afternoon.
  3. Present with Panache: Float a lime or orange to heighten every refreshing sip. Serve poolside, in a hammock or around a fire – relax has now begun as the sunset’s glow takes hold!

Tequila And Coke Variations

  • Peach Bellini Bliss: Muddle ripe peach and lime with silver tequila. Top with bubbly prosecco for a golden libation to toast the sunset’s glow. Sip slow and savour summer’s sweet encore.
  • Caribbean Coconut Fling: Infuse tequila with toasted coconut. Mix with cola and cream of coconut for a creamy smooth tropical treat. Sway to steel drum music under a palm-thatched roof as stars sparkle above turquoise seas.

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More Famous Tequila Drinks

  1. Margarita – The classic cocktail made of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur. Can be served on the rocks or frozen.
  2. Paloma – A refreshing mix of tequila, grapefruit juice or soda, and lime juice. Crisp and tangy.
  3. Mexican Mule – A spicy blend of tequila, ginger beer, and lime juice that gives vodka mules a run for their money.
  4. Tequila Sunrise – A colorful drink where tequila meets orange juice meets grenadine syrup for a visually stunning beverage.
  5. Tequila Old Fashioned – A twist on the whiskey classic utilizing tequila instead, along with orange, cherry, bitters, and simple syrup for balanced sipping.

Best Tequila For Tequila And Coke, Aka The Batanga

When mixing tequila and coke, an affordable blanco tequila works best. The lighter taste allows the cola flavor to come through without getting lost. Jose Cuervo Especial is a great option – at a low price point, it stands up to the bubbly soda mix.

For special occasions, some prefer an aged tequila in their batanga. Añejo has softened edges that are balanced by the crisp bite of Coke. Patrón Añejo beautifully marries vanilla oak tones with a hint of spice. The mixologist’s secret is this sipper’s complexity survives the fusion.

Vodka And Coke

Vodka And Coke

On a hot summer night, nothing quenches thirst like a cold vodka coke in hand. The bubbly crispness of coke mixes perfectly with vodka’s smooth incognito. A match made for high balls.

While some swear by dark rum in their cola, my preference is crystal clear vodka. It allows the soda’s bright flavors to shine without interference from oak or caramel. The vodka acts merely as a cool escort for the coke’s complex notes to dance across my taste buds.


What is the best tequila to use?

For mixed drinks like tequila and Coke, look for an inexpensive silver or blanco tequila that won’t overpower the mix. Jose Cuervo and Olmeca Altos are great budget-friendly options.

What is the ratio to make Tequila & Coke?

The basic ratio for tequila and Coke is 1 1/2 parts Coke to 1 part tequila. For a single serving, try 4-5 ounces of Coke and 2-3 ounces of tequila to start. Add more tequila to taste.

Can you mix tequila and Pepsi?

Absolutely! Known as a “Mexi-Cola”, tequila pairs nicely with Pepsi’s subtle cola flavour. Start with a 2:1 ratio of Pepsi to tequila for a lighter drink.

Can other sodas be used?

You can substitute Sprite, 7Up or ginger ale. Pepsi or Dr Pepper work too for a variation called Mexi-Cola.

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