What Is A Margarita With Rum Called?

A Margarita with rum, often referred to as a Rumgarita is a delightful cocktail that substitutes tequila with rum as the primary spirit. It typically includes rum, triple sec, lime juice, and sweeteners, offering a range of flavor possibilities based on the choice of rum and other ingredients. It’s a delightful option for those who prefer the rich and fruity notes of rum in their Margarita.

A Margarita with rum, often referred to by various names like Daiquirita, Cuban Margarita, or Rumgarita, is a tropical twist on the classic Margarita cocktail. Instead of tequila, rum takes the spotlight, creating a mellower and often fruitier flavor profile, making it a favorite choice for those seeking a taste of the Caribbean in their glass.

Ingredients of Rum margarita

Rum of ChoiceLight Rum (Silver Rum)
Dark Rum (Gold Rum)
Triple SecOrange liqueur for sweetness
Rose’s Lime JuiceA lime cordial for a hint of lime
Fresh Squeezed Lime JuiceFreshly squeezed lime juice

Rum of Choice

Light Rum (Silver Rum)

Light rum, often referred to as silver or white rum, is a clear and relatively mild type of rum. It lends a clean and crisp flavor to the Margarita, allowing other ingredients to shine. It’s an excellent choice if you prefer a lighter, more neutral rum character.

Dark Rum (Gold Rum)

Dark rum, sometimes called gold rum, has a richer and more robust flavor. It adds depth and complexity to the cocktail, often with hints of caramel and spices. Using dark rum can result in a bolder and more aromatic Margarita with a touch of sweetness.

Triple Sec

Triple Sec is an orange liqueur that adds a sweet and citrusy component to the Margarita. It balances the acidity of the lime juice and complements the rum’s flavors. It’s a crucial ingredient for achieving the classic Margarita’s well-rounded taste.

Rose’s Lime Juice

Rose’s Lime Juice is a lime cordial, providing a concentrated lime flavor with a touch of sweetness. It simplifies the preparation process by offering a consistent lime taste. While it’s a convenient option, some cocktail enthusiasts may opt for fresh lime juice for a more authentic touch.

Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

Freshly squeezed lime juice is a key component for that vibrant and zesty lime flavor in the Margarita. It contributes to the cocktail’s freshness and adds a tart element that balances the sweetness from the other ingredients. Using fresh lime juice enhances the overall quality of the drink.

Making steps and Instructions

Rim the Glass (Optional)

If you prefer, you can start by rimming the glass with salt or sugar to add a decorative and flavorful touch. To do this, rub a lime wedge around the rim of the glass, then dip the rim into a plate with salt or sugar. Set the prepared glass aside.

Prepare the Ingredients

Measure the ingredients: For a standard Margarita, you’ll typically use 2 oz of rum, 1 oz of Triple Sec, 1 oz of Rose’s Lime Juice, and 1 oz of fresh squeezed lime juice.

Fill a shaker with ice

Place a handful of ice cubes into a cocktail shaker.

Mix the Cocktail

Add the rum Pour the measured rum into the shaker. Add the Triple Sec Follow by adding the Triple Sec to the shaker. Squeeze the lime juice Using a juicer or squeezer, extract the juice from fresh limes. Add 1 oz of fresh squeezed lime juice to the shaker. Add the Rose’s Lime Juice Pour 1 oz of Rose’s Lime Juice into the shaker.

Shake Vigorously

Secure the shaker lid and shake the mixture vigorously for about 10-15 seconds. The ice will help chill the cocktail and blend the ingredients.

Strain into the Glass

Using a strainer, pour the Margarita mixture into the prepared glass. If you rimmed the glass with salt or sugar, make sure not to disturb the rim.


For a final touch, garnish your Margarita with a lime wheel or wedge. This adds a visually appealing element and enhances the lime aroma.

Serve and Enjoy

Your Margarita with Rum is ready to be enjoyed! Serve it immediately while it’s cold and refreshing.

Comparison with Traditional Margarita

comparison with traditional margarita

While Margaritas with rum offer a unique twist to the classic cocktail, it’s essential to understand how they differ from the traditional Margarita.

Flavor Differences

The most obvious distinction lies in the flavors. A traditional Margarita, with its tequila base, provides a sharper, agave-driven taste. In contrast, a Margarita with rum offers a mellow, sweet, and often tropical flavor, thanks to the rum’s characteristics.

Regional Preferences

Margaritas with rum tend to be more popular in regions where rum is a staple, such as the Caribbean. On the other hand, tequila-based Margaritas dominate in areas with a strong tequila tradition, like Mexico and parts of the United States.


Tamarind Rum Margarita

Incorporate tamarind syrup into your Margarita with Rum for a unique and slightly tangy twist. Tamarind offers a distinct sweet and sour flavor that pairs beautifully with the rum’s richness and the lime’s tartness.

Honey and Ginger Rum Margarita

Add honey and fresh ginger to your Margarita to create a warming and slightly spicy variation. The honey provides sweetness, while the ginger infuses a pleasant kick, making this Margarita a comforting and soothing choice.

Blackberry Rum Margarita

Muddle fresh blackberries in the bottom of the glass before adding the other ingredients. The blackberries lend a burst of fruity and slightly tart flavors to the cocktail, complementing the rum’s depth and the lime’s brightness.


What’s the key role of Triple Sec in a Margarita with Rum?

Triple Sec adds sweetness and a citrusy element to balance the flavors in the cocktail.

Is fresh squeezed lime juice necessary, or can I use lime cordial?

Fresh lime juice is preferred for a vibrant taste, lime cordial (e.g., Rose’s Lime Juice) is a convenient alternative.

What is the origin of the Margarita with Rum?

The exact origins are not well-documented, but it likely emerged from experimentation and the fusion of Mexican and Caribbean cocktail traditions.

Are there other names for the Margarita with Rum?

Yes, it’s known by various names, including Daiquirita, Cuban Margarita, and Rumgarita.

Can I make a frozen Margarita with Rum?

Yes, by blending the ingredients with ice, you can create a refreshing frozen variation of the cocktail.


The Margarita with Rum offers a captivating fusion of flavors and traditions that has delighted cocktail enthusiasts worldwide. This tropical twist on the classic Margarita brings the warmth of rum into a refreshing and zesty mix. The cocktail’s history, although not as extensively documented as the traditional Margarita, showcases the creativity and innovation of mixologists who sought to create unique and exciting variations, without implying that Margaritas are bad for you.

With the Margarita with Rum, the choice of rum plays a pivotal role in defining the cocktail’s character, whether it’s the clean and crisp notes of light rum or the rich and robust flavors of dark rum. The cocktail’s flexibility allows for an array of creative variations, from tropical infusions to spiced twists, catering to a diverse range of taste preferences.

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