Gran Blanco’s No ABV Margarita Recipe For Dry January

Gran Blanco, a really popular restaurant in Venice on Windward Avenue, just added even more amazing no-alcohol cocktails to their menu. Since they’ve been using “n/a” spirits for a while now, it’s the perfect place to find a drink during Dry January that tastes great and keeps you alcohol-free for the month.

One of their new drinks is a super tasty no-alcohol margarita made with Optimist’s smoky non-alcoholic spirit. Andy Miller, the bar manager, chose this unique base to create an easy-drinking cocktail that gives you big flavors of smoke, citrus and sweetness without any buzz.

Optimist Smokey Non-Alcoholic Margarita

Optimist Smokey Non-Alcoholic Margarita

This margarita recipe shows off Optimist’s smoky spirit. It gets its taste from sitting in oak barrels and herbs. This gives hints of camping by the fire and warm spices. But no booze at all. Mixing it with lime, lemon and agave makes a fancy drink. It really tastes like a margarita should. At the same time, you can fully enjoy your night without messing up your no alcohol January thing.

The Ingredients Are:

  • 1 oz Optimist Smokey
  • 0.75 oz lemon juice
  • 0.75 oz lime juice
  • 0.5 oz agave syrup

How To Make This Margarita Recipe?

The method is simple – just shake all ingredients vigorously with ice and strain into a Collins glass rimmed with Tajín seasoning. Top with a splash of club soda or sparkling water and garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel. The smokiness of the Optimist plays beautifully off the tart citrus for a complex yet balanced flavor profile. Adding a bit more agave can make it sweeter to taste, or leave it out for a drier take on the classic cocktail. Either way, it’s a seamless substitute for the alcoholic version.

Gran Blanco added other great non-alcoholic drinks too. Andy is in charge now. He used to work at a fancy place called Tabula Rasa. That helps him make drinks just as flavored and satisfying. Even though they don’t have booze. His drinks have hidden tastes, like the kinds with alcohol do. People still really like them a lot.

Sunrise Spritz

Sunrise Spritz

One innovative new zero-proof cocktail is the “Sunrise Spritz” spotlighting Optimist’s Cali Amaro. Cali Amaro is made with sweet Italian cherry juice. It has herb and fruit tastes but no alcohol. Andy mixes it with lemon-ginger drink, topaz soda and club soda.

This makes a bubbly, interesting spritz. It feels like an Italian cocktail without booze. Served on ice in a low glass, the orange color and blended tastes take you to beaches. Or at least your own comfy living room!

Free Spirits Alcohol-Free Negroni

Some people love Negronis but want one without alcohol. Now Gran Blanco has the “Free Spirits Negroni”. It uses Free Spirits booze-free gin and red drink. Plus Campari’s yummy-bitter taste and orange and grapefruit bits. This makes a version of the classic cocktail without buzzing. It keeps the same balanced flavors as the original.

Served with pink grapefruit slices, it’s a fancy drank for Dry January nights. Whether you have it there or make it at home, you can enjoy hanging with friends. And the tastes satisfy like drinking does, even if you’re taking a booze break for a month or more.

Gran Blanco’s Commitment To Non-Alcoholic Innovation

Gran Blanco's Commitment To Non-Alcoholic Innovation

Gran Blanco is owned by Ari. Andy is in charge of drinks there too. Together they made the restaurant a leader in non-boozy cocktails. While most places focus on drinks with alcohol, Gran Blanco saw more people want other options. They got this at a time when others didn’t think about it much. Gran Blanco’s drinks don’t skimp on quality stuff, how they’re made or how they look. Whether you drink or not, they’ve got you covered without messing anything up. That’s pretty smart of them if you ask me.

Ari thinks drinks should taste good with or without booze. Andy uses “spirits” with plant flavors for real taste. This lets him make unique drinks with hidden layers. They satisfy your body and soul, not just alcohol cravings. Whether you’re healthy, pregnant, religious or wanting something tasty without buzzing, Gran Blanco’s non-boozy options let everyone have fun dining out. Their drinks let people fully join in, no matter the reason for no drinking. Everyone can enjoy tasty creations there whatever they’ve got going on.

Gran Blanco leads the way for other places still unsure about non-boozy drinks. As more people want something else besides regular cocktails or no drinking at all even when not Dry January, those who make their no-alcohol menus really creative and well-made will serve customers best. With Dry January now here and Gran Blanco making their no drinking options even better, they stay ahead of the pack. The sober curious crowd keeps growing. Gran Blanco keeps itself as number one with amazing food and drinks for anyone whether drinking or not.


What is a non-alcoholic substitute for tequila in a margarita?

This drink uses lime juice, agave syrup and a touch of orange juice. It also has some sparkly water in it. You’ll really like this no-alcohol margarita recipe – it tastes so good you won’t even think about missing the tequila.

How do you order a non-alcoholic margarita?

If the place is noisy and busy, just ask the bartender for a “virgin mojito” or “virgin margarita”. That should work fine. If you can’t think of a specific drink, tell the bartender “I’m not drinking tonight but want something tasty to drink with my friends.” That lets them know you want a non-alcoholic drink to hang out.

What does a virgin margarita contain?

Add lime juice, orange juice, orange bitters, and agave syrup to a cocktail shaker. Add some ice cubes. Shake or stir for 10-15 seconds to mix it up. Taste it and add more agave syrup if you want it sweeter. Pour the mixture into a glass filled with ice. Top it off with sparkling water and gently stir to finish it.

Final Thoughts

Gran Blanco’s No ABV Margarita Recipe For Dry January: Gran Blanco deserves props for their smart non-boozy drinks. They get that menus need choices for different drinkers. Using high quality no alcohol spirits with unique tastes lets them make balanced but complex drinks that satisfy like cocktails normally do. This shows how places can truly serve people curious about not drinking. Drinks like their Smokey margarita and Negroni without booze prove they lead the way.

Other restaurants should put as much effort into their non booze menus too. Most of all Gran Blanco makes dining fun whether you drink or not. They help make not drinking seem normal and make choices for less drinking easier. Their good work sets the new standard and gives ideas for the future.

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