Bob Evans Senior Menu With Prices 2024

For many seniors, Bob Evans is synonymous with warm, homestyle cooking and hospitality. For years, they have been a staple in many communities, serving up favourites like biscuits and gravy, pot roast, fried chicken and more. 

In recognition of their loyal ageing customer base, Bob Evans used to offer a special senior menu with discounted prices so this demographic could continue enjoying their meals without breaking the bank.

This article overviews the former senior menu, which offered classics like eggs and pancakes for breakfast under $7. Lunch included light soups and salads while dinner provided generous portions of favourites such as turkey and pot roast for reasonable prices. 

Even dessert was affordable, and this look back nostalgically recalls the choices Bob Evans once made for seniors.

Bob Evans Senior Menu With Latest Prices Table

Senior Country-Fried Steak$8.99
Senior Grilled Chicken Breast$8.99
Senior Turkey & Dressing$8.99
Senior Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie$8.99
Senior Hand-Breaded Fried Chicken$8.99
Senior Meatloaf$8.99
Senior Salmon$8.99
Senior Spaghetti and Meatballs$8.99
Senior Chicken and Noodles$8.99
Senior Mashed Potatoes$2.99
Senior Gravy$1.49
Senior Side Salad$2.99
Senior Soup of the Day$2.99

Bob Evans Senior Breakfast Menu Prices

The Bob Evans senior menu offered affordable breakfast options to start each day. Seniors who like a hearty morning meal could enjoy the Classic Senior Breakfast which included two eggs, a meat side, hash browns, and a biscuit or piece of toast along with coffee all for just $6.29.

For those looking for something a little lighter, the Senior Biscuit Breakfast served up a warm biscuit with gravy or meat on the side and only cost $4.29.

Seniors on the go could get their morning protein and carbs to go with the economical Senior Mini Breakfast of one egg, meat and biscuit or toast priced at $4.29 as well.

If pancakes are more your speed than biscuits, the Senior Brioche French Toast plate with two slices of French toast alongside meat came in at $4.79.

And no breakfast spread is complete without everyone’s favourite, biscuits and gravy. Seniors could get two buttermilk biscuits smothered in rich sausage gravy for the very reasonable price of $4.29.

With filling and flavorful choices starting at less than $5, Bob Evans ensured seniors could fuel up without breaking the bank in the morning hours.

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Savor Soup, Salads, And More At Lunchtime

By midday, seniors worked up an appetite and the Bob Evans menu had some light yet satisfying choices. Those looking for something quick could grab a half sandwich with meat and fruit for only $6.29.

Soups are always a comforting choice on a chilly day. Seniors could get a steaming hot bowl of the daily soup along with a fresh side salad to enjoy for $6.29 as well.

Seafood lovers had an option with the Senior Cod Filet Sandwich – a hearty fillet of cod dressed with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce, served with chips for $7.79.

For those wanting some crunch, crispy chicken tenders paired with two tasty sides made a balanced plate priced at $7.29.

With flavours from the land and sea, Bob Evans’ lunch fare provided seniors an easy yet filling meal to sustain them without a big price tag. It allowed them to stick to their budgets in the midday hours.

Senior Menus At Bob Evans | For Dinner

Senior Menus At Bob Evans | For Dinner

After lighter fare earlier in the day, the senior menu dinner selections aimed to truly satisfy seniors’ appetites. Generous portion sizes of classic comfort foods were served.

One popular choice was their Senior Roasted Turkey Dinner of tender turkey breast paired with dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry relish, along with another side, for $8.79.

Meatloaf and gravy or fried chicken also made frequent appearances, like the Homestyle Chicken plate boasting a juicy chicken breast alongside potatoes, gravy and vegetables for $7.79.

For seafood fans, a Grilled Shrimp Dinner came with shrimp, rice pilaf and broccoli at $8.79.

Hearty pot roast or meatloaf entrees surfaced too, such as the Pot Roast dish served with sides for $9.79.

These stick-to-your-ribs meals would satisfy even the most substantial of appetites each evening for very fair prices.

Save Room For Delectable Desserts

No meal is truly complete without something sweet to finish it off. The senior menu offered seniors reasonable prices on delectable baked goods and desserts to round out their dining experience on a sweet note.

At $5.29, the Senior Banana Nut Bread made with fresh banana and walnuts was a tasty, less sugary choice for afters.

Those with a craving for pie could treat themselves to a slice of classic apple or silk pie for just $4.79.

Seniors wanting something indulgent went for the ooey-gooey Senior Hot Fudge Cake at $5.79, with rich fudge poured generously over layers of dark chocolate cake.

Chocoholics rejoiced over the dense and decadent Senior Double Chocolate Cake for $6.29.

With pastry prices ranging from $5-6, seniors could truly satisfy their sweet tooth without the hefty price tag. It was the perfect sweet finale to their homestyle meal.

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Bob Evans Online Order Steps

Here are the main steps to order online from Bob Evans:

  1. Go to the Bob Evans website or download their app on your smartphone.
  2. Click the “Order Now” button.
  3. Choose delivery or pick up by clicking the appropriate button.
  4. Enter your delivery address or select a nearby location for pick up.
  5. Select the date and time for your order.
  6. Browse the menus and add items to your cart.
  7. Click “Checkout” and pay with your credit card or gift card.
  8. Your order will be ready at the selected time and location.

You can also call the local Bob Evans restaurant directly by selecting your location on their website to find the phone number. Have your order items ready before calling to place your order over the phone.

How To Save Money While On Bob Evans ?

Here are some tips to save money at Bob Evans organized by point:

  1. Check for Discounts and Deals
    • Sign up for the Bob Evans email newsletter to get alerts on promotions and discounts
    • Check their website and mobile app regularly for current offers like senior discounts, military discounts, or family bundle meals
    • Look through the app for any loyalty programs or discounts available
  2. Strategize Your Visit
    • Go during off-peak hours like lunch between 11am-2pm which is usually cheaper than dinner
    • Take advantage of breakfast being available all day to get cheaper morning options later
    • Consider opting for daily drink specials instead of regular priced beverages
    • Look for combo meals or share family-style dishes to split the cost when dining in a group
  3. Consider Carry-Out
    • Bob Evans offers great home cooking to-go at convenient prices
    • Taking food to-go allows you to enjoy the meal at home for less than dining in
  4. Combine Strategies
    • Make the most of discounts by aligning deals with off-peak hours and take-out orders
    • Be savvy combining tips like senior discounts with combo meals for the best value

With a little planning, it’s easy to still enjoy Bob Evans’ homestyle cooking without breaking the bank.

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How to check your Bob Evans gift card balance online

Here are the steps to check your Bob Evans gift card balance online 

  1. Visit the Bob Evans website
  2. Click the “Gift Cards” tab
  3. Input your gift card number and code
  4. Hit the “Get Card History” button
  5. See your current balance

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Bob Evans Menu – FAQ’s 

Does Bob Evans have senior discounts?

Yes, Bob Evans offers senior discounts for those aged 55 and over. Seniors receive a 10% discount every day on their total purchase.

Does Bob Evans serve breakfast all day?

Yes, Bob Evans is known for serving breakfast foods all day. So you can enjoy breakfast options like pancakes or omelette even at lunch or dinner time.

What is the Bob Evans senior menu?

The senior menu offers affordable meal options specially priced for older customers. It includes daily meals, breakfast foods and desserts for lower prices than the regular menu.

What is good to eat at Bob Evans?

Popular dishes include the Farmhouse Feast which has chicken or meatloaf, sides and biscuits. Other favourites are the Country Fried Steak, Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders, Pot Roast and various pies/cakes for dessert.

What is Bob Evans Country Fried Steak made of?

The Country Fried Steak is made from a beef cutlet that is hand breaded and fried, then topped with creamy sausage gravy. It’s a comfort food classic.

Final Thoughts 

Bob Evans’ former senior menu offered affordable meals to loyal ageing customers. Breakfast was under $7 while lunch provided light soups or sandwiches. Generous dinners like pot roast or fried chicken filled seniors up for reasonable prices. 

Even desserts were budget-friendly. Sadly, the special senior prices are now gone but online ordering and discounts help cut costs. Seniors could rely on Bob Evans’ homestyle cooking without breaking the bank.

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