Applebee’s Happy Hour Time And Menu

Applebee’s Happy Hour Time and Menu provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy discounted prices on appetizers, drinks and other items during the late afternoon hours. 

The happy hour is available daily from 3-6 PM, offering half-priced options to satisfy guests on all days of the week. 

Customers can benefit from savings on favourites like chicken wings, tacos and signature cocktails in a relaxed restaurant environment. 

Whether dining alone or with company, the extensive menu caters to varied tastes and budgets through daily deals. 

Overall, Applebee’s happy hour is an ideal time each day to relax and indulge in favourites at affordable prices.

DayOpening HourClosing Hour
Monday3 p.m.6pm
Tuesday3 p.m.6pm
Wednesday3 p.m.6pm
Thursday3 p.m.6pm
Friday3 p.m.6pm
Saturday3 p.m.6pm
Sunday3 p.m.6pm

Happy Hour Overview

Happy Hour Overview

Applebee’s Happy Hour takes place daily from 3-6pm, providing a great opportunity for a mid-afternoon break. During this time, you can enjoy discounts on many drinks and food items served at the restaurant.

Imagine being able to try out some of your favourites or something new without worrying too much about the prices. Whether you’re stopping by after work or on a weekend, Happy Hour at Applebee’s allows you a little freedom to relax and indulge yourself without breaking the bank.

The discounted menu has something for everyone – from snacks and appetisers to full meals. You’ll find classic dishes and new creations priced lower during Happy Hour hours. Drinks are also part of the deals, so you can find your preferred beverage to go with your choice of food.

It’s a great time to visit with friends or family to catch up over good food and drinks. The lively vibe and cheerful atmosphere also helps you unwind from a long day. So if you’re looking for an affordable yet enjoyable dining experience, be sure to check out Applebee’s Happy Hour the next chance you get!

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Best Times to Visit

If you want to make the most of your Happy Hour experience at Applebee’s, it’s best to plan your visit during the main time slots when the deals are available. Generally, you’ll find the best discounts and offers between 3-6pm daily.

During these hours is when you’ll see more people stopping by after work or school to take advantage of the lower prices. The buzz and energy at the restaurant is high. You can relax and socialize without worrying about bills.

It’s also a good time if you want to sit down and enjoy your food without feeling rushed. You won’t feel as rushed as it might get later in the evening.

The staff is usually well prepared during these times as well, so you probably won’t have to wait too long to place your order or get your drinks refilled.

If you can’t make it during the afternoon, Happy Hour runs again from 9pm until closing. It’s still a great time to dine out, but it may be busier.

Featured Appetizers

When it comes to starting your meal, Applebee’s has some very tasty options available at half price during Happy Hour. From crowd favourites to new appetizers, there’s sure to be something that tickles your taste buds.

Chicken wings are always a satisfying choice – go for the boneless variety if you want something hassle-free. Then there’s mozzarella sticks, a classic breaded cheese appetizer that’s crisp on the outside and gooey inside.

One appetizer that’s a unique twist is their chicken wonton tacos. Imagining a warm wonton wrapper stuffed with flavorful chicken – it’s a fun take on tacos to try.

The spinach and artichoke dip is another rich and creamy option to share. It comes with tortilla chips so you can easily enjoy it.

With so many great appetizers on offer at half price, Happy Hour is a smart time to sample different starters without worrying about costs. Don’t forget to leave room for the main course!

Popular Appetizer Choices

Here are some of the most popular appetizer choices at Applebee’s Happy Hour:

  • Mozzarella Sticks: A gooey, stretchy cheese wrapped in a crispy breaded coating – the classic combo always satisfies.
  • Boneless Wings: You can’t go wrong with wings! Applebee’s serves them without the messy bones so you can enjoy more flavour.
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip: Perfect for dipping nachos or sharing with friends, this creamy spinach and artichoke dip warms you up.
  • Chicken Wonton Tacos: A unique twist on tacos where the filling is tucked snugly in a crispy wonton skin. It’s yummy and shareable.

They’ve got the basics covered but also offer new creations. The variety means that no matter your taste, there’s an appetizer that speaks to you. And at special Happy Hour prices, you can try a few without breaking the bank. It’s a fun way to start a meal surrounded by good company.

Happy Hour Specials

During happy hours, Applebee’s rolls out deals on favourites like boneless wings, mozzarella sticks and nachos to name a few. But they’re also introducing new appetizers to their specials menu at lower prices.

For instance, their new Loaded Waffle Fries and Beer Cheese Dip & Pretzels combo is worth a try. The waffle fries are piled with savoury ingredients while the warm beer cheese dip and soft pretzels make a perfect pair.

Applebee’s also has a Late Night Deal running certain hours where you can get 7 of their best appetizers for half price. Now that’s a delicious bargain perfect for sharing with friends over drinks!

Besides discounts on small plates, look out for specials on burgers, tacos and pasta too. It gives you a chance to fill up on crowd-pleasing meals without hurting your wallet.

So be sure to enquire about the happy hour delights presently available. It’s a fun way to indulge your taste buds while saving some cash.

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Signature Cocktails

Signature Cocktails

Applebee’s signature cocktails are worth checking out during Happy Hour. Drinks like the Tipsy Leprechaun and Pot O’ Gold Daq-A-Rita are crowd favourites, especially around St. Patrick’s Day when you can get into the festive spirit.

These cocktails offer more than just a drink – they provide an experience. They transport you from your daily routine with unique flavours that tantalize your taste buds. Having one sets the mood for an enjoyable evening spent relaxing with friends.

There are a few reasons to try one of Applebee’s signature drinks:

  1. The Mountain Dew Dark Berry Bash is an exclusive flavour you won’t find anywhere else. It offers a refreshing twist on the classic soda.
  2. Drinks like the Tipsy Leprechaun and Pot O’ Gold are part of special seasonal collections, perfect if you want something themed.
  3. Applebee’s provides options to suit all tastes – from sweet to sour, you’ll find one you love. It’s worth exploring their variety of signature options.
  4. While signature cocktails shine during happy hours, you can order them all day. So whether you stop by after work or later, you can enjoy these creative beverages.

Drink Specials

Aside from great food deals, Applebee’s Happy Hour also has you covered on the beverage front. Whether you want cocktails, beer or wine – they’ve got discounted options available.

Classic drinks like margaritas are priced lower during happy hours. It’s the perfect time to relax with a refreshing frozen or on-the-rocks marg.

Beer drinkers can enjoy $3 domestic draft pours. Both light lagers and hearty craft brews are part of the selection.

Wine lovers have $5 glasses of red or white available. It’s an easy pairing with all the tasty appetizers and meals.

For non-alcoholic options, look out for deals on lemonades, iced teas or soft drinks too. Something for everyone.

With drinks half off or at special prices, happy hour is when you can socialize without breaking the bank. Take advantage of the daily drink deals!

Popular Cocktail Choices

  1. Margaritas – A classic crowd-pleaser available frozen or on the rocks. Lime margaritas are extra refreshing.
  2. Long Island Iced Tea – This mix of spirits packs a punch but is smoothed out making it easy to enjoy.
  3. Daiquiris – Fresh fruit flavours like strawberry or mango in a frosty blended drink. Great for warm days.
  4. Mojitos – Mint and lime paired with white rum is always a crisp combo perfect for socializing.
  5. Black Cherry Martini – Sweet black cherries paired with vodka creates a grown-up fruit cocktail.
  6. Pina Coladas – Creamy coconut rum blended with pineapple is a guilty pleasure drink.

Beer drinkers are also taken care of with domestic and craft brews. And wine aficionados can find old or new world varieties.

Whatever your alcoholic drink of choice, Applebee’s happy hours make experimenting more affordable. There’s sure to be a new flavour discovery waiting.

Beer and Wine Options

Here are a few of the beer and wine options available at Applebee’s Happy Hour:


  • Domestic Draft Pours ($3): Enjoy lighter American lagers on tap like Bud Light.
  • Craft Beers: Rotate taps with seasonal local brews too like ales and IPAs.


  • $5 Glass Pours: Choose a crisp white like Chardonnay or a bold red such as Cabernet.
  • Varieties: Have Old World or New World wines represented.

They ensure there’s something for everyone’s preference whether you like lighter beers, robust craft ales or different wine grapes.

Prices are slashed during happy hours making it more affordable to sample what piques your curiosity.

It allows wine or beer connoisseurs as well as those just starting their journey to explore new flavours without breaking the bank.

So beat the evening or daily rush and stop by Applebee’s happy hours to enjoy drinks specials on beers and wines. Something new is waiting for you to discover!

Happy Hour Discounts

Food & Drinks Half Off: Many favourite dishes and beverages are priced at half their usual cost during designated Happy Hour times. This includes starters, burgers and more.

Appetizer Specials: Look out for daily deals where select appetizers or combos are offered together at an even lower bundle rate. Great for sharing small plates!

Drink Deals: Beyond half-priced cocktails, they run promotions like $3 beer pours, $5 wine glasses or discounted margaritas and mojitos. Something for every type of drinker.

Late Night Bites: Later evenings offer a separate discount where you can mix and match 7 half-priced appetizers for one low price. It’s perfect for casual snacking.

Save on Sides: Even shareable sides and signature sauces are chopped 50% so you can enjoy more for less. Extra value for the money spent!

Happy Hour is when you can maximize savings on food and drinks at Applebee’s using their daily rotating discounts. Keep an eye out for the best deals running each day.

Menu Highlights

Menu Highlights

Applebee’s offers a variety of options to satisfy any craving. Those with a sweet tooth will love the Triple Chocolate Meltdown dessert, which features three layers of rich chocolate.

The Classic Broccoli Chicken Alfredo is a comforting choice for pasta lovers. It includes grilled chicken, fettuccine, and a creamy cheese sauce.

For those seeking bolder flavours, try the Bourbon Street Steak. Seasoned with Cajun spices, it comes with garlic mashed potatoes for a uniquely satisfying meal.

Another flavorful option is the Chicken Wonton Tacos. Asian-marinated chicken sits inside crispy wonton shells along with sweet and tangy toppings.

There are also many shareable snacks on the menu. Boneless wings come with your choice of sauce for dipping. Mozzarella sticks provide melty cheese wrapped in a breaded coating. Nachos, quesadillas, sliders and pretzel bites further expand the appetizer selection.

With these diverse highlights, Applebee’s menu caters to different tastes at affordable prices. It offers both filling meals and lighter options to socialize over.

Seasonal Offerings

Applebee’s menu evolves throughout the year to celebrate different seasons. You can immerse yourself in the holidays through unique dishes and drinks.

During fall and winter, apple cider, pumpkin beers and cozy comfort foods like mac and cheese or pot pies keep you warm. Soups and stews also make nourishing options.

Spring ushers in lighter fare highlighting fresh produce. Summer welcomes grilled protein like salmon and chicken paired with crisp salads and pastas.

Festive cocktails are introduced for various celebrations. Around St. On Patrick’s Day, Applebee’s offers corned beef and green beers. Holiday appetizers and desserts bring seasonal cheer.

Limited time promotions feature discounted menu items tied to different seasons. It allows enjoying the flavours of the season without breaking the bank.

Applebee’s seasonal offerings creatively capture the mood and themes of each time period. It’s fun exploring new flavours exclusive to the changing calendar.

Tips for Enjoying

Here are some tips for making the most of your experience at Applebee’s Happy Hour:

  1. Plan to visit between 3-6pm or 9pm-close to take advantage of their food and drink discounts during busy times. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax with friends at affordable prices.
  2. Thoroughly explore the happy hour menu to try new options or favourites for less. Consider pairing an appetizer with an entrée for a filling yet inexpensive meal.
  3. Be sure to check out the daily drink specials as well. From classics like margaritas to seasonal selections, there are refreshing beverages for every mood. It’s a great way to socialise over savings.
  4. Bring family or coworkers to enjoy the shared plates and atmosphere. Large groups should call ahead to reserve tables or inquire about dining options for parties.
  5. Relax and savour the moment of unwinding with company and creative dishes at bargain prices. Happy Hour was made for catching up on life’s little pleasures without breaking the budget.

Location Variations

It’s important to check your local Applebee’s details in advance, as hours and offerings may differ from location to location. Making sure of their happy hour timing prevents disappointment.

Menus are tailored to regional tastes, sourcing ingredients unique to each area when possible. This provides diverse options whether dining along the coast or inland.

Seasonal dishes and promotions allow Applebee’s to highlight local flavours. Asking questions could reveal exclusive deals not widely marketed.

Formats vary too with seating capacities adjusted based on space. While most focus on dine-in, some offer takeout, delivery or drive-thru too for convenience.

Personalized touches like theming and outdoor patios showcase each neighbourhood. Checking individual websites clarifies available services from full bars to limited drink choices.

Embracing these tweaks allows a tailored experience celebrating your community. Location variations offer reasons to keep exploring Applebee’s for new happy hour finds tailored by region.

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What to Expect at Our Applebee’s Restaurant in Moreno Valley

Applebee’s Restaurant in Moreno Valley

Located at 12600 Day Street, the Applebee’s restaurant has been serving the Moreno Valley community for many years. Whether stopping by for an affordable lunch with coworkers or gathering family and friends for dinner, they offer a variety of American favourites.

Customers will find a casual, welcoming atmosphere inside the spacious dining room or at the bar. Tables and booths are spread throughout providing a comfortable dining experience.

In addition to their menu items, be sure to ask about daily drink specials and beers, wines, and cocktails available. The friendly staff is happy to discuss options and provide recommendations.

For a quick meal, a to-go ordering service allows picking up pre-ordered food without exiting your vehicle.

At Applebee’s of Moreno Valley, guests can enjoy quality food in a relaxed, neighbourhood grill environment. They look forward to continuing serving the local community located at 12600 Day Street.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Applebee’s 2 for $20 Smaller Portions?

No, the portions for Applebee’s $2 for $20 deals are generally the same size as full priced entrees. You’ll get full sized meals but at a discounted price when ordering from the select $2 for $20 options.

What Time Is Applebee’s Happy Hour?

Applebee’s typically offers happy hour from 3-6pm and again from 9pm until close, though times may vary slightly by location. Be sure to check with your local restaurant for exact hours.

When Did Applebee’s Come to Texas?

The first Applebee’s restaurant in Texas opened in 1980 in Lubbock. The chain has since expanded greatly across the state, making it one of their top markets. There are now over 150 Applebee’s locations throughout Texas.

Does Applebee’s have a food challenge?

Applebee’s menu offers many tasty options to choose from for appetizers, mains and more. With a wide selection of American fare at reasonable prices, diners can find dishes to hit the spot.

Who Owns Applebee’s?

Applebee’s is owned and operated by Dine Brands Global, Inc. The parent company purchased Applebee’s in 2007. Dine Brands also owns and franchises the IHOP pancake house chain. Headquartered in Glendale, California, Dine Brands has over 3,500 combined locations worldwide under the two brands.

Bottom Lines

Applebee’s offers daily happy hours from 3-6pm with half-priced appetizers, drinks and meals. Savoury starters like mozzarella sticks and boneless wings satisfy at low prices. 

Beers, cocktails and wines provide thirst-quenching deals. New creations join classics on the rotating menu to discover. Any day of the week brings an affordable way to indulge tastes with friends.

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